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Hi, Mayur - I just found out on Tues. that I passed. I got 777 out of 900, so I did pretty well. Walgreen's already put in for my raise!

The managers and pharmacists are please for me. I did 3 weeks of their Mentoring program at one of their stores in Sarasota. All in all I am glad I made the switch. So happy I could do the studying online and at my own pace. I lot of the young people I trained with have asked me about the course. I think it is a lot easier to have organized like you presented it with the reading and the lecture than if I tried to study completely on my own. Your course definitely gave me an edge before I started training in the retail. I new a lot of what was expected of me and I was ready to take on the duties that were presented, Coming in cold, my peers did not have that advantage. Nothing was foreign sounding to me including the abbreviations.

All in all, this was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I hope to keep in touch with you.

Thanks, again for all of your help and support!
Joanne B.


Pharmacy Technician Student Studying For The PTCB Exam

Self paced learning from the comfort of your home 


From The Desk Of Michael Wolf Phd

Program Director & President - Rx Learning

Dear Student,

You’ve searched and searched for pharmacy tech information on the net but have only been able to gather bits and pieces of information that don’t give you a clear picture, right?


Doesn’t it seem that every time you do an internet search for pharmacy technician training you get a bunch of results that are utter garbage? Either the results are for sites that only care about getting your name, email and address so they can send you emails or mail that is NOT relevant to what you’re searching for or the results are for sites that promise to certify you almost overnight.


Were you aware that most pharmacy technician training programs are not composed or managed by Pharmacy professionals? This fact alone is enough to make you wonder whether it’s worth it to even consider such a course or training program.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a course or training program that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars and take years to complete while still providing comprehensive information that is specific to pharmacy technician training? Did you know that some colleges and schools will insist that you take their training program BECAUSE according to them in order to become a pharmacy technician you need at a minimum an associates degree from an ACCREDITED school? Nothing can be further from the truth, you see I was a pharmacy technician at one point in time who went on to become a pharmacist BUT before I could think about pharmacy school I had to work as a pharmacy technician to gain experience and in order to get hired I had to be a certified pharmacy technician and guess what?

I was fed the same "excuse my french" B.S as you may have heard before that you need to have a degree from an ACCREDITED community college or technical school to become a pharmacy technician and naturally if you need a degree that means you have to spend a minimum of 2 years in school which also means you have to take out loans which also means these loans will be in the thousands. Bottomline, you're in debt before you even begin. I did not like this scenario at all....

I knew there had to be a better way and so I did some research before spending my hard earned money and found out during the course of my research that you do not have to have a degree from an ACCREDITED school of any kind to enter the field of pharmacy as a pharmacy technician (check with your state board of pharmacy), HOWEVER, in order to stay competitive and because some states require a pharmacy technician to be certified, you therefore MUST be certified by the PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board), check with your state board of pharmacy as well.

In order to become certified you MUST pass the tough PTCB exam and have a structured approach to preparing for it and so this is exactly what I did EXCEPT at the time about 10 years ago there was no STRUCTURED test preparation course and so I had to study for it the hard way through trial and error WITHOUT guidance. It was at that time that I decided that I will create a system in the future that will enable potential students like yourself to benefit from my research without spending thousands of dollars of your hard earned money into a program that insists you MUST have a degree from an ACCREDITED school in order to become a pharmacy technician.

What qualifies me to make this statement?

Being a Pharmacist that's been through the trenches and being a Pharmacist that makes hiring decisions. When potential applicants come to me looking for a job, the first thing I ask them is do you have a resume and are you certified? To me or any other hiring Pharmacist or manager it does NOT matter whether you spent THOUSANDS of dollars and received an associates degree or diploma etc from a community or technical college OR whether you took a test preparation course for a FRACTION of the cost. (check with your state board of pharmacy as well)

See what the Bureau Of Labor Statistics says about this rewarding career

Good job opportunities are expected for full-time and part-time work. Job openings for pharmacy technicians will result from the expansion of retail pharmacies and other employment settings and from the need to replace workers who transfer to other occupations or leave the labor force.

Employment of pharmacy technicians is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2014 because as the population grows and ages, demand for pharmaceuticals will increase dramatically. The increased number of middle-aged and elderly people-who use more prescription drugs than younger people-will spur demand for technicians in all practice settings. With advances in science, more medications are becoming available to treat a greater number of conditions.

In addition, cost-conscious insurers, pharmacies, and health systems will continue to expand the role of technicians. As a result, pharmacy technicians will assume responsibility for some of the more routine tasks previously performed by pharmacists. Pharmacy technicians also will need to learn and master new pharmacy technology as it emerges. For example, robotic machines are being increasingly used to dispense medicine into containers; technicians must oversee the machines, stock the bins, and label the containers. Thus, while automation is increasingly incorporated into the job, it will not necessarily reduce the need for technicians.

The bottomline is; are you certified? As long as you can show proof of certification from the PTCB that's all that matters, whether you spent thousands and wasted years in college OR whether you took a test preparation course and spent only a few hundred dollars becomes irrelevant. (check with your state board of pharmacy)

Knowing this wouldn't you rather PAY LESS and FINISH QUICKLY while at the same time receive the COMPREHENSIVE necessary knowledge to SIGNIFICANTLY increase the probability of passing the exam? (See testimonials below)




If you would like to join our program at a DISCOUNTED RATE then all you have to do is enter your NAME & EMAIL in the form below and click submit. THEN, check your email for instructions on enrolling at THE discounted rate. If you're serious about your future THEN do it now and ENROLL TODAY!

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Don't get me wrong, a degree from an accredited school is necessary for a lot of professions BUT it is not necessary if you want to become a pharmacy technician that wants to enter into the field of pharmacy.


Did you know that if you have certification from the PTCB then it almost always overrides state requirements? To make sure check with your individual state board of pharmacy.


To make a long story short this experience put me in an excellent position to create a systemized approach to preparing for the tough PTCB exam that I learned through tedious trial and error in an easy to understand format that is cost effective and comprehensive. If you are willing to put in effort on your part then this course is for you. This brings me to my next question.........


What if I told you I could save you thousands of dollars and save you months of study? Would you be interested in finding out how? 


If you answered YES! To the above question please read on…




Which one of these categories do you fall into?  

You are stuck in a dead end job and desperately want to break out and are looking for a career that you can get into quickly without wasting time.
You are looking for a new career that will be personally rewarding and at the same time provide the opportunity to advance and as a result allow you to potentially MAKE MORE MONEY.
You were recently laid off and are looking for a career that will allow you to gain entry into the pharmacy field and you want to take a course that will allow you to do this without spending years in school.
You want a structured approach to preparing for the PTCB exam so you can increase your chances of passing the PTCB exam on the first try.
You are looking for a cost effective training program.
You are already working in the health field BUT want to learn about the field of Pharmacy and gain entry in it so as to keep your options open in case you decide to make a career change.
You already work as Pharmacy Technician BUT are not certified and are looking for certification help and guidance to efficiently prepare for the PTCB exam so that once you are certified you can request a pay increase.
You are already working in a Pharmacy and your employer has asked you to get certified.
You are curious about the field of pharmacy because you’ve heard there is always a shortage of Pharmacy Technicians and seems like there will always be a shortage hence providing you with job security.

If you fall into any of the above categories and are willing TO TAKE ACTION then you’re at the right place and I CAN HELP YOU. I can't promise that you'll pass the PTCB exam, that depends on how much effort you put in BUT what I can tell you confidently is this...If you use the tools we provide and follow the suggested format then you will have SIGNIFICANTLY increased your chances of passing the PTCB exam on the first try! just like most of my previous students.


Imagine how it'll feel when you've passed the exam and know that the certificate is on it's way to your doorstep which you can then confidently present to potential employers and use it to negotiate your pay NOT to mention the prestige of being certified and possibility of potential entry into other advanced pharmacy settings because of your certification where you may be able to negotiate even higher pay and the feeling of satisfaction knowing that you had made the right decision in taking a structured approach to the exam. The possibilities are endless...




The solution lies in the comprehensive self paced pharmacy technician training program. This program provides a structured approach to preparing for the tough PTCB exam.


Since the classes are self paced they offer flexibility to accommodate busy adults, students of other programs, and career changers. You can complete the course in 12 weeks or less BUT don’t have to. The exams and lectures cover the chapters in your textbook and workbook.




You receive the following…


1. Work book


2. Text book


3. CD - included with textbook


4. Recorded lectures that cover chapters in your book


5. Access to 11 online exams to monitor your progress



6. FREE access to our specialized practice test ($19.95 worth)


7. FREE study guide that contains additional information ($36.95 worth)


8. FREE resume creation guide ($34.95 worth)


9. FREE Top 200 drug pronounciation guide ($49.95 worth)


10. FREE info on the best places online to get continuing education credits ($19.95 worth)


11. FREE job resources board to search for jobs in your city & state ($59.95 worth)


12. FREE grade report & recommendation letter if requested


13. Free ongoing updates about the field of pharmacy, specifically related to pharmacy technicians




Did you know that most other programs will charge you an arm and a leg for everything that we offer above? You will be receiving all of the above from us at a price that is 50-75% less than most other programs. Most OTHER programs will charge anywhere from $795 to $1600 for ALL OF THIS! 


Too good to be true? It’s not, read testimonials from satisfied students below as well as a summary of other benefits.




I just wanted to express my gratitude for your course. I was afraid of being a little "rusty" on the math, but everything came together with ease. I now feel confident about taking the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, and entering the work place as a pharmacy technician.

Every one has been great,
Thanks Again,
Kelly C.


Here is a summary of SOME of the benefits you receive

Self paced classes from the comfort of your home.

Self paced classes with access to lectures and online exams allow you to learn quickly and retain what you've learned from the comfort of your home without having to drive to class and spending money on high gas prices.

Comprehensive training program covering everything you need to know for the PTCB exam.

Receive the necessary knowledge to prepare for the tough PTCB exam as well as to work effectively as an entry level pharmacy technician.

Lectures created by certified instructors that work in the industry enabling you to learn quickly.

Receive the added benefit of our instructors real life work experience added to your education.

Affordable course price.

Course price is 50-75% lower than other similar courses. Receive more education for less without putting yourself into debt.

Flexibility with training, for busy adults, students of other programs, and career changers to benefit fully without sacrificing time away from other important matters and obligations.

Prepare for the exam in only 12 weeks or complete the course at your own pace. No need to spend 9 months to a year in school if you want to get moving and be done in 12 weeks or less. We save you months of study and thousands of dollars.

Online exams with immediate grading. No need to wait days to receive your test results.

To develop your test taking skills and to monitor your progress.

High pass rate. Become employable quickly.

Low cost and HIGH FIRST TRY PASS RATE ON THE BOARD EXAM! Compare our course to any 10 month vocational school, or other internet based courses with no support, against our first try pass rate and our costs, and you will see where you'll save months of classroom study and thousands of dollars.

No loans to pay back.

No hefty tuition charges or student loans to pay back.


The Rx Learning Pharmacy Technician course was an excellent course in helping me to prepare for my certification test. I would highly recommend this course to any Pharmacy Technician seeking certification.
Suong N.

Here's an overview of what you'll learn


Law and ethics
Pharmacy Settings
Pharmacy math - includes conversions and calculations
Dosage forms, abbreviations, routes of administration
Commonly used references
Competency and communication
Prescription processing
OTC (over the counter drugs)
Hospital Pharmacy
Compounding and packaging
Aseptic IV techniques
Pharmacy Billing
Classification of drugs e.g. vitamins, vaccines, antibiotics..
Top 200 drugs
Herbal remedies
Math review
Nervous system
Respiratory system
Endocrine System
GI System
Urinary system
Cardiovascular system
Visual system
Auditory system
Reproductive system

          and much more...

Why us?



Reason One


Majority of the students that take our course pass on the first try because of the excellent tools we provide that enhance your self paced training.

Reason Two


Being a Pharmacist with 10 years of industry experience and a former Pharmacy Technician I am very familiar with the type of knowledge Pharmacy Technicians should be familiar with in order to work effectively as a technician. We deliver that knowledge through our program.

Reason Three


We over deliver on the education you will receive for a price that is 50-75% lower than other similar courses.

Read What This Customer Says About Our Program In Response To A Follow Up Email I Had Sent


thank you i will email you if i have any questions. im really surprised by your service. it is unbelievable. most people tend not to stay in touch with their students(programs). thank you for your cooperation.
Mooneeb. B



You will receive quality education for less. Our training program was composed by Pharmacy professionals with over 25 years of combined industry experience.

You don't need Pharmacy or health care experience to enroll in our program. In fact, most of our students that have taken our course and passed didn't have any Pharmacy or health care backgrounds. 


Look what our students say about our program



I am glad I chose Rx Learning to pave my way as a Pharmacy Tech and not one of those other schools. Without prior experience in the pharmaceutical field, I was somewhat intimidated at first but Rx Learning and it's instructor(s) gave me confidence to overcome my fears. The online classes were awesome and the instructor(s) were knowledgeable and experienced. The day I become a RPh I have two to thanks for, God and Rx Learning. Rx Learning is the way to go. Thanks.
Javier O.



This program was wonderful in many aspects. It helped me to prepare for the PTCB exam and study at my own pace-the workbook was great. I learned so much and the information was presented in a way that I could learn from it and didn't get bored with it because of the way it was presented in the textbook and the workbook:) Great job and thank you so much!



The Pharmacy Technician course offered is short in length and covers everything and the price is reasonable as well.
Rose I.



The class was flexible with my work schedule and the class material was easy to understand.
Nancy V


Warning: Do NOT enroll for any Pharmacy technician training program unless it meets the following criteria

1: The program MUST be composed, managed and/or taught by experienced Pharmacy professionals and instructors that work in the pharmaceutical industry who can add their real life work experiences to your education.

2: The training should be comprehensive and cover major aspects of Pharmacy and that's why a program that is administered by Pharmacy professionals is better.

3: The course should have a high pass rate for students that take the PTCB exam.

4: Course length should be flexible and allow student's to complete the course as quickly as they want or take as long as they like.

5: Of course, course price should be reasonable where you don't end up thousands of dollars in debt.  

Save time and money with our course. Receive greater benefits than other similar programs.

In summary, here's what you receive:

Quality pharmacy technician training that is self paced from the comfort of your home
Course materials that include a textbook and a workbook
A FREE CD that contains a goldmine of pharmaceutical drug information on prescription drugs
Access to recorded lectures that correspond with chapters in your book
Access to online exams to monitor your progress


Job resources board to search for and apply for jobs directly through our website

Low cost and HIGH FIRST TRY PASS RATE ON THE BOARD EXAM ANYWHERE! Compare our course to any 10 month vocational school, or other internet based courses with no support, against our first try pass rate and our costs, and you will see where you'll save months of classroom study and thousands of dollars  




If you respond right away, you pay only $397 TOTAL price including tax plus receive FREE shipping. 4 easy payment plan available(see below) OR pay once and save $100 and pay ONLY $297.

Act immediately and receive the following bonuses

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to give you every possible reason to enroll today! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following products as WELL as others mentioned above valued at $222 for FREE.

FREE bonus 1: 

Free study guide in ebook form delivered to you within a few minutes. No need to wait for shipping. The study guide contains additional EXTRA material and also contains an additional practice test to help you prepare thouroughly for the tough PTCB exam.

FREE bonus 2:

Free access to our comprehensive practice test containing over 100 questions in PTCB style format and covering all major aspects of pharmacy, testing you on your pharmacy knowledge and performance under pressure. These questions are additional questions that are NOT found in your textbook OR workbook.

FREE bonus 3:

Resume creation guide, as you know having a resume ready before you apply for your first job is extremely important if you want to stand any chance of being considered for the position you are applying for. By joining our program you receive this guide for FREE. TIP: 95% of people don't know what an effective resume should look like. You get this guide for FREE by joining the program.

FREE bonus 4:

Top 200 drug pronounciation guide. As you know, drug names in Pharmacy can be confusing and hard to pronounce. When you're in the real world you don't want to sound like an amateur. With this free guide you'll get all the practice you need to be able to pronounce drug names properly and as a result sound professional.

Here's how to enroll right now! and get started in a professional career



To enroll SECURELY for our self paced program with VISA/MC OR PAYPAL click one of the link(s) below

Enroll right away for ONLY $113 and pay the balance with 3 easy payments of $99 over 3 months

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Pay $310 Once & Save $100





I am very glad that I did my learning with RX Learning to help build the road to being a Pharmacy Technician. Doing the course at my own pace was just perfect for me. Being already in the Pharmacy field, the course was a little intimidating, but with all of the resources here made it much easier. The online classes were great the the lectures and tests very helpful in studying for the PTCB exam and passing. I just want to say thanks and keep up the good work.

Enroll Online 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, 365 Days A Year 



   If you have any further questions about our program please check our FAQ page or use the contact us form

To your success,

Michael Wolf Phd

 President, RxLearning.Com

P.S Don't delay your decision to join the program, you have all the information you need on this page to make an informed decision and enter a field that is rewarding. Take charge and keep moving towards your goal, there is a high chance that if you've read so far that you fall into one or more of the above categories. You already know what you'll receive with the course and the benefits so the next step is up to you to take ACTION!

P.P.S If you would like to join our program at a DISCOUNTED RATE then all you have to do is enter your NAME & EMAIL in the form below and click submit. THEN, check your email for instructions on enrolling at THE discounted rate. If you're serious about your future THEN do it now and ENROLL TODAY!

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 Best of luck!


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